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Company ID: 46557113

Company name: eWorld s.r.o

Head office:
eWorld s.r.o.
Športová 29
071 01 Michalovce

DISTRICTFX is an online store that sells streetwear fashion clothing for young people and teenagers. Since 2011, we make sure that the desired outfits reach our customers 24 hours a day.

We know that street fashion is as popular in Romania as it is abroad. So, we are here to offer you products belonging to famous brands such as: Supra, adidas Originals, Converse, Reebok, New Balance, Mitchell & Ness, Starter. At the same time, we also bring you a breath of fresh air with new high-quality brands: Sixth June, KingIce, Dangerous DNGRS, JustRhyse, Cayler&Sons.

We are professionals in what we do and are always willing to help you make the right choices. We care about your tastes! We like to be social, that’s why we are also active on social networks (Facebook: DFX Romania, Instagram: district_fx); and, in addition to that, we constantly send useful information through newsletters that will help you stay up to date with everything NEW!

What can we offer you to those who are close to us? Promotions and discounts on fresh products and many, many gifts (tracksuits, the newest models of sneakers and tennis shoes, hoodies, jackets, various models of pants).

You can be sure that you will never encounter any problems if you need to exchange or complain about a product. Feel free to do it whenever you want! No matter what questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact us by email, phone or online chat! Dress up with us and stand out even in the darkest parts of your city. We wish you to enjoy your shopping experience on Street Fashion District Fx.

To better meet your needs, we have set the following goals:

• to build a good name for our company by satisfying the needs of our customers at the highest possible level;
• to always acquire suppliers and partners to distribute to us the newest appearances desired by our customers;
• to increase the number of products in stock, especially by expanding collections and assortments;
• to always adapt to fashion trends;
• to always improve the level of communication with customers;
• to establish and expand our position on the Romanian market, to gradually promote ourselves on foreign markets as well.

Achieving these goals is a daily effort made by all our team members, who are available to you:

Customer service – answers every e-mail with great pleasure, prepares and processes orders and always adds new products to our e-shop so that you always have new products at hand;
the graphic designer – takes care of the visual part and the image of the website, makes graphics, banners, etc. so that the purchases in our store perfectly fit your requirements;
the programmer – designed and gave life to this e-shop and works continuously to improve it from a technical point of view, so that purchases are as simple as possible for you;
shipping team – packs and ships orders as quickly as possible;
and many others.
Our common goal is a satisfied customer who returns to our store with love.

We look forward to your orders,

The DistrictFx team.

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